Fun + Family + Magic = Toddini!!

Visit: The Great Toddini for more info—

“The Great Toddini” does all types of venues and events—

Chick-Fil-A family fun nights? Yes please!

Vacation Bible School? Yessirreee, done and done!!

Magic shows for birthdays, celebrations, graduations, special events, amusement parks? But of course.


If you would like a master magician who can perform for all ages ranging from 4 to 104, then book “Toddini” for your next event.

It really is a show you don’t want to miss that can be customized for audiences ranging in size from 3, 30, 300 to 3,000 in attendance. No fooling!

Toddini recently performed at my Chick-fil-A in Dallas for a family night event. It was, without a doubt, the best entertainment I’ve ever had for an event since we opened back in 2002.

–  Jeff White, Owner/Operator, Chick-Fil-A, Dallas, Texas / Family Night Event

Todd loves involving everyone … it keeps everyone paying attention and they feel part of the show. It was fantastic—

– T.J. Marrow, Park Cities Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas / Vacation Bible School – VBS

If you’re looking for just magic or entertainment, pull up your Google search bar. But if your’e looking for an awesome magic show accompanied with the greatest story ever told, Todd Sinelli is your man!

– John Barba, Operating Partner, Chick-Fil-A, Dallas, Texas / Family Night Event

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll experience by working with Toddini:

1. No stress and no worries. We promise. We want this to be a “hassle free” event for you. We’ll take care of almost everything.

2. Setup? No setup needed. Sitting on the floor is preferred.

3. Sound? We got that covered as well.

4. Simplicity? Yessiree. Toddini will make sure your event is simple, sweet and seamless.

5. Gift ideas? No need to strain about gifts. The option of “Magic Gift Bags” available for all who attend can be included. These are time tested treasures for all ages to enjoy priced at only $3 per gift bag which includes an appearing magic wand. The deluxe gift bag comes with the appearing magic wand and a jet rocket balloon included for $5.

Kids and adults experience the joy and wonder of having almost all of their senses activated through a creative, interactive, and giggly cool magic show!

Magically yours,

Todd Sinelli aka Toddini



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