Talk with Jesus. Talk with others about Jesus. How? Through one simple word . . .

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The One Simple Word event desires to do just that—to impact your life by engaging you with one simple word that Jesus used to engage people. Being engaged is fun. It is exciting. If someone tells you they just “got engaged” we can’t wait to hear the story of who, how, when, where, etc. Jesus engages people like none other and engagement with Him creates excitement, enthusiasm and a touch of the eternal into our lives.

What will you learn from the OSW event?

Three things really stand out:

1. The Power of Curiosity.

Curiosity is powerful and attractive. Attendees of all ages will have their curiosity sparked and satisfied while being entertained and educated. They will learn about themselves. They will learn about others and most importantly, the will learn about Jesus. The unique combination of engaging, educating and encouraging the audience is what Todd does best.

2. The Purpose of Christ.

The kingdom of God is built on right relationships, beginning first with Jesus Christ. A right relationship with God and with others contains rewards beyond what we could ask or even imagine. Attendees learn something new and become excited to share this knowledge with others. Knowledge combined with action contains great rewards that can be applied on personal, professional and spiritual levels.

3. The Pleasure of Conversation.

Attendees discover something so simple, so sincere and so sweet when they consider Jesus as the Master communicator, conversationalist and creator of all relationships first with Him and then flowing onto others. The desire to develop and deepen relationship based on the model Jesus used is what lasts and lingers the longest.

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