Fibromyalgia: The Biblical Counseling / Nouthetic Approach

by Todd A. Sinelli

Fibromyalgia. What is it?

Is it a disease or simply a collection of symptoms? Is there a medical cure? Is something wrong with the body or is it something else? How should we counsel someone from the Scriptures with this illness?

What is the modern day description of this illness and how is it treated? Is this a psychosomatic illness or is the pain real?

In order to provide answers to these questions, the goal of this ebook will be to describe the scope of this modern illness called fibromyalgia. This ebook will present a synopsis of the definition of fibromyalgia, its diagnostic criteria, and treatment options given by the medical community. The medical model will be followed by the nouthetic model for counseling individuals with fibromyalgia and providing real answers to real problems faced by many today.

The value and content of this e-book is worth far more than the price reflects, guaranteed.