OSW Finger Sleeve

This is the special, unique gift designed to do just one thing — have someone ask you, “What is that on your finger?” Your response, “I’m glad you asked, may I ask you a question…?”

One size fits all and profits from the OSW Finger Sleeve go toward growing the OSW Ambassador Project and sponsoring chidlren through Compassion International. Click on the OSW Ambassador Project above for more info.


If you sponsor a child through the link on this page, send an email to todd (at) littorch.com with a copy of the email confirming your Compassion child and a finger sleeve will be sent to you per gratis ASAP. For 2013, the only people that have an OSW finger sleeve are those who were part of the launch of this project and those who have sponsored a child through Compassion. Consider yourself welcomed into a very exclusive and cool group!