The 8th Time is a Charm

by Todd A. Sinelli & co-author Robb Besosa


Don’t you mean the 3rd time is a charm? Nope. I mean the 8th time is a charm.

This book is for those who have been knocked down repeatedly and want to learn how to rise biblically. You may have been knocked down through a series of events, circumstances or even sin. There are times in life when loved ones die. Other times when we go into debt or struggle with alcohol, drugs, or relationships. Many women have suffered loss through multiple miscarriages. Men can struggle with divorce, debt or depression. And these events can really knock us down.

Loss and change are a part of life that we may not want to discuss. Losing a baby, losing money, losing a husband or wife, boyfriend, family member through an unexpected event can occur for many of us. We dare to say it, but there are times when we feel as if we have lost our faith as well. These are tough valleys to go through.

This book is not about trite answers to complex questions. This book is not about a simple formula for you to implement and magically snap your fingers for your situation to change. Nor is this book about buzzwords or pop-psychology jargon giving you a false hope from simply changing your emotions or circumstances.

This book is about rising again after you have lost something special. This book is about trying to make sense of God when your life doesn’t. This book is about helping you simply get back up. The foundation of this book is based on Proverbs 24:16 which says, “For though a righteous man fall seven times, he rises again.” After falling or getting knocked down time and time again, we need to rise, we must rise and graciously aspire to rise again biblically higher than ever before.

This book combines a unique blend of the author’s education, experience and expertise from years of personal and professional counseling.This book is an intense and compressed biblical counseling perspective through the lens of the Scriptures.

This book will help you rise again biblically if you ever fallen multiple times and aren’t sure how or even if you want to get back up.